this page is a repository of all the little bits and pieces of pages i've made over the years (that i still have access to). doesn't have to even be a coherent thought, if i find it and it resembles html, it goes here. i've kept everything untouched except to archive stuff or fix any completely page-breaking errors, so any horribly mangled things you see if you dare to inspect element were already like that. oh yeah, did i forget to mention that everything on this page is very cringey? it causes me physical pain having to look through and archive all of this stuff, but at least now i know my cringe will be safely preserved. more will be added whenever i feel like it and/or i find something new.

Vista and OSFirstTimer

a webpage i made in 2017 meant to showcase my favorite videos from a channel called OSFirstTimer, and also a windows vista iso because i was on a windows vista hitch back then. right now, it's windows xp, and i don't know if that's better or worse.

Help Documentation

a webpage i made in 2018 for... something? i have no idea why i made this. it uses the marquee tag, which even in 2018 was not ok, unless, of course, you're, in which case it's accepted and encouraged. go ahead and marvel at how bad this is.


a webpage i made in 2019 possibly to showcase my favorite videos on the channel i used to run with my brother. here you'll see extremely janky html and css and really bad formatting because i had no idea what i was doing. still don't, but i hide it better now.